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> Thursday, March 30, 2006: Water, Butter And Wine...

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...are the three things that make the world go around? Let's put some of you to work again (probably the locals): anybody recognizes this restaurant?

(we have two winners, see the comments)

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as much as Goliath made me giggle, this one grabbed my imagination/attention. i don't recognize the place. never been to San Fran. it does, however, make me feel all soppy and romantic, missing the company of someone who has just left the table. I look as he walks away and my vision starts to blur and I begin to daydream.

wonderful shot!

(submitted on March 30, 2006)

Well,.... could be the Niebaum-Coppola place on Columbus... but on the other hand, there are so many other places like that... not sure... (submitted on March 30, 2006)  

Super effet de profondeur de champs ! (submitted on March 30, 2006)  

C le f1.4? En ts cas c'est de la photo de qualité. Je connais pas le restau, par contre le vin c'est du Chateauneuf, hein? j'ai gagné? (submitted on March 30, 2006)  

Haven't a clue where this is, but would definitely love to be there for the moment! (submitted on March 30, 2006)  

Manuel - Nice photo B/W perfect for this shot! What kind of wine is that. Merlot, Pinot another red? (submitted on March 30, 2006)  

The no cheating comment on the map link is very funny. (submitted on March 30, 2006)  

OMG, water, butter and wine...the sustenance of a fastidious chef. Composition is what it's all about. Like your subjects on the edge, table edge that is. Don't recognize the restaurant but I want to guzzle that glass of wine. (submitted on March 30, 2006)  

with sulfites? Do you know the book from Peter Mayle: A year in the provence... (submitted on March 30, 2006)  

What a great shot. I'm guessing this is at a french restaurant. (submitted on March 30, 2006)  

I think I recognize the bottles ... (submitted on March 30, 2006)  

beuatiful shot---dont think would have been quite as affective in colour. (submitted on March 31, 2006)  

This place looks familiar. Oh, maybe it's just that my vision blurs like this after a few drinks. Seriously, good shot. I'd love to look around SF until I found it. (submitted on March 31, 2006)  

So, are you going to tell us? It looks really familiar to me - but I can't put my finger on it. Frustrating! (submitted on March 31, 2006)  

I'm pretty sure it's
Cafe de la Presse
(submitted on April 01, 2006)

I think we have a winner!!! (submitted on April 01, 2006)  

great cafe life one (submitted on April 01, 2006)  

Ugh, I could kick myself. I was there last weekend. Geez. (submitted on April 01, 2006)  

Buzzgirl: I'm really curious, did you like it? (submitted on April 02, 2006)  

We have two winners!

lolo: f/1.8 (dans ton tiroir gauche)

rodney: I don't know because, once again, just like for this photo, I wasn't sitting at that table... sorry!

anonymous1: I'm guessing with sulfites but without a warning about them. ;-)

anonymous2: good guess!

tomate: you got it! thanks for leaving the suspense intact though, that was nice.

virginia: you got it too!

So, to recap, it's Cafe De La Presse (follow the map link).
(submitted on April 03, 2006)

OK, what do we win? (submitted on April 04, 2006)  

nice shot! certainly staple food and drink ;) (submitted on April 11, 2006)  

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