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> Saturday, April 01, 2006: J'adore Dior

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Admiration or possibly even adoration, in front of this piece from Marilyn Minter at the San Francisco Museum Of Modern Art, more commonly know as SFMOMA. It's not obvious on this image, but this is a painting, not a photograph. If you're interested, you can read a little bit about her work here.

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Hate it or love it. I'm speechless in front of this painting. But I like it, it's different, shocking, creepy for a Dior representation. Great shot! (submitted on April 01, 2006)  

Amazing how "realistic" the painting is. Really looks like a photograph. Love it that you included the visitors as well! (submitted on April 01, 2006)  

One Giant step for WomanKind. What a heal! Love it. (submitted on April 01, 2006)  

That's an incredible painting! I do, too, love that you included the visitors.

And, man that IS some shoe!!! Total respect!

(sedona: funny!!)
(submitted on April 01, 2006)

Looking at people looking at a fetish object - interestingly einforced with pearlish tones of your pic - nice one (submitted on April 01, 2006)  

What a neat capture, and oh so San Francisco! (submitted on April 01, 2006)  

it's good to see that some people like France... :) (submitted on April 01, 2006)  

Nice shot with these girls in front of the painting. (submitted on April 02, 2006)  

Great photo. Maybe the painting will help the world understand how silly high heals are. The girl in tennis shoes looks much more comfortable. (submitted on April 02, 2006)  

I agree with Karine, it's kind of shocking! Yet interesting. Eye catching really. Nice shot! (submitted on April 02, 2006)  

By the way, Karine, I've meant to ask you before; is that a gun in your hand? (in which case, I too, totally agree with Karine! ;-) (submitted on April 02, 2006)  

Incredible painting! She has such an eye... (submitted on April 03, 2006)  


I love this shot. Must add you to my photo bloggyroll. UR work is great.
Makes me miss SF.

Texas smooch,
The Tart
; )
(submitted on April 10, 2006)

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