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> Friday, April 07, 2006: Nature At Work

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After yesterday's mass of concrete, I needed a bit of greenery today, so here's another glance at Golden Gate Park.

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Thanks. I needed to see some green today as well.

(submitted on April 07, 2006)

That's one of the best features in San Francisco. One minute you are in the middle of a stack of concrete, cars and people in a hurry; hop on a bus, street car or cable car and 20 minutes later you are in a completely different and peaceful environment. Night and day. (submitted on April 07, 2006)  

Nice!! Great light. (submitted on April 07, 2006)  

I LOVE (submitted on April 07, 2006)  

Gimme some! (submitted on April 07, 2006)  

Not often you can see light reflecting from below or maybe from a low sun like this. It's almost like I can feel the warmth on the side of the rock and the coolness of the moss on top. Nice work! (submitted on April 08, 2006)  

There are some many panoramic views in San Francisco I would think it is hard to ever feel far from nature. Great photo as usual. (submitted on April 08, 2006)  

Nice focus on the stone! It's always fascinating to me to see all the different kinds of plants in the GG Park considering that they had a hard time at the beginning getting anything to grow there since it was all sand there. (submitted on April 08, 2006)  

looks like a crocodile or alligator nose!! (submitted on April 09, 2006)  

Maybe a whale? (submitted on April 10, 2006)  

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