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> Tuesday, April 04, 2006: The Palace Of Fine Photographic Arts

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Almost a hundred days since I started this site and I realized I haven't posted a photo dedicated to the Palace Of Fine Arts, one of the most photographed places in San Francisco - even though you can actually see it on this photo. And... there's a few other highly photographed landmarks I have postponed until now: Postcard Row, Pier 39, Coit Tower, etc... So, let me try to fix the situation and by the same token, get it over with these... So, here's a photo of the Palace Of Fine Arts, and I hope it won't offend anyone, but when I saw this roll of film in the mud, I just couldn't resist and had to immortalize the symbol (I will post a more conventional photo in the next few days I promise!). Here's the history of this construction (it's pretty surprising), and some information about a really good science museum hosted there called the exploratorium. The palace also hosts a theater with some pretty diverse programming: concerts, theatre, spectacles, films, lectures, etc...

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This is a very beautiful photograph, I love the broken reflection with the layer of plants and stuff overlaying the image, and the color is wonderful! Very nice shot...
(submitted on April 04, 2006)

Did you know there is a roll of film on top of the picture? Just checking... ;-)

That's an interesting shot! Never saw the Palace of Fine Arts quite like this before :)
(submitted on April 04, 2006)

Very original photo and explanation. (submitted on April 04, 2006)  

Brilliant. Sort of "You are there" feeling. Great composition, too. The whole image works very well. Really interesting, beautiful in it's way. Your image gives the title wonderful irony. Or vice versa? Good job! (submitted on April 04, 2006)  

nice blog you have here :) (submitted on April 04, 2006)  

haven,'t been to SF in a while now ... and that is one great shot! i'll have to look for my own brussels role of film now ... :) (submitted on April 04, 2006)  

Great composition Manuel. You still number one using colors. (submitted on April 04, 2006)  

No, I think the roll of film makes the photograph more interesting, as you have something man-made to compare to with the simple nature of water and leaves...

I personally like these less conventional photos... makes for interesting interpretation...
(submitted on April 04, 2006)

This photo is unique and interesting.

I visited SF for about a week last autumn, and the Palace of fine arts is one of the most impressive buildings I've seen in SF. You made it more impressive. :)
(submitted on April 05, 2006)

I love this ONE!!

It took me some time to figure it out... but I loved it before I even began to think about it. ; )

Big smooch,
The Tart
; )
(submitted on April 10, 2006)

very very very great photo work, i'm going to start visiting you. (submitted on April 12, 2006)  

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