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> Monday, April 03, 2006: San Francisco Shadows And Colors: Blue On White

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Back to more shadows and colors with this shadow over a modern house number in the Castro (the previous image in this series can be viewed here). Sorry I didn't publish a photo yesterday, I was on the road the whole day. With that, have a great week everyone!
PS: San Francisco Daily Photo just received a nice review from bloggeries that you can read here.

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"... If you're going to San Francisco", sang the Mamas and Papas, a long time ago. For an Italian, like me, your blog, discovered by change, i don't know how, it's a special place for having a little piece of that city. It also well done.

Have a good luck.
(submitted on April 03, 2006)

It looks like a frame from an old movie...
Nice detail.
(submitted on April 03, 2006)

"if your going to San Francisco" was sang by Scott McKenzie. sorry for the mistake in my previous post... (submitted on April 03, 2006)  

Very nice critics :) (submitted on April 03, 2006)  

libera mente: actually, I think they both sang it. Scott McKenzie did the original version, if memory serves, but I have a version by the Mamas and the Papas at home.

Manu: That's a nice review and you totally deserve it!
(submitted on April 03, 2006)

Very neat! I like the subtle boldness between the blue numbers, and the accompanying shadows created by the light... (submitted on April 03, 2006)  

By the way, who designed the cool citydaily photo blog thingy on the left side of the blog? Cute little thingy! (submitted on April 03, 2006)  

Congratulations on your review Manuel. It is really well deserved as this last photo proves it... (submitted on April 03, 2006)  

Congratulations on the review! Very well deserved really! Love all your photos! (submitted on April 03, 2006)  

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