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> Thursday, April 06, 2006: Stacks Of Concrete

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One of the embarcadero center buildings. The embarcadero center consists of plenty of office space and what you could consider a shopping mall (yes, there are a few shopping malls in San Francisco, for the longest time, I didn't think there were any, but I was wrong). Since I'm not very big on malls, I typically go there for the movie theater because it usually features films that you can't see anywhere else. Plenty of details here.

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like the angle you took..and the clean design ! (submitted on April 06, 2006)  

look like stack module of electronic components in Rack (submitted on April 06, 2006)  

Great shot. I thought it was a stack of disassembled metal shelves at first. Exceptional clarity. (submitted on April 06, 2006)  

Good photo and great presentation. Like Joe I also thought the photo was of electronic components in a rack. (submitted on April 06, 2006)  

The architects were visionaries for computer server stacking. Great shot, I feel right at home considering the tall red-rock mountains surrounding my home in Sedona. (submitted on April 06, 2006)  

What a great perspective! Were you lying on the ground when you took this? (submitted on April 06, 2006)  

gSo, THIS is how you fit tall buildings into a camera! I've always wondered about that ;-)

sedona: lol!

Manu is absolutely right, the Embarcadero theater features tons of good films year-round. (It's part of the Landmark series in the Bay Area, and they're really famous for that.)
(submitted on April 06, 2006)

Funny to see this image pop up in yahoo widgets. I am sitting in this building right now. (submitted on April 06, 2006)  

Great Photo! I like the angle. I did not recognize them at first.

Tomate Farcie - This was one of the buildings I was looking for from a previous post but I found some of my old photos. Thanks for the offer.
(submitted on April 06, 2006)

I remember the post. No worries, Rodney. (submitted on April 06, 2006)  

it's the FIRST time I see EC under a clean and beautiful angle... I find then just plain busy and ugly.
(submitted on April 06, 2006)

anonymous: I'm sitting right across from you! (submitted on April 06, 2006)  

Wow! For one second, I thought I was looking at a stack of books lying on their sides until I realized what it was the next second... ! (submitted on April 06, 2006)  

great angle, lovely blue sky. (submitted on April 07, 2006)  

Indeed a great angle! Nearly looks as if its laying down. (submitted on April 07, 2006)  

wow that looks amazing!! Great picture!! (submitted on April 07, 2006)  

le cadrage me plais énormement
bon vendredi sur bastia il y a un ciel aussi bleu que le tient
(submitted on April 07, 2006)

BRAVO ! Beautiful point of view. Beautiful shot. (submitted on April 07, 2006)  

I love the angle! I used to work at the Embarcadero Center for many years. This shot takes me down memory lane. (submitted on April 11, 2006)  

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