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> Sunday, April 09, 2006: Ten Sixty Two: Louisville

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There's a little over twenty 1940s buses trolleys in circulation in San Francisco. Each of them is painted using a different color scheme borrowed to another American city. This is number 1062: green and cream with a black stripe - colors used by The Louisville Railway Company. Oh, and please don't think that I know this by heart, I have a cheat sheet.

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attention entré en gare
belle lumiere et quelle couleur!
(submitted on April 09, 2006)

Il est superbe! I absolutely adore these things. They make a hell of a lot of noise when they come down Market St., and don't even think about crossing the street in front of one... but they are ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! Thank you for this little treat! (submitted on April 09, 2006)  

I like this shot for the atmosphere, thc colors. The bus is beautiful.

(submitted on April 09, 2006)

Bravo pour ton blog ! Je l'ai parcouru tout du long, et je doit dire que tu arrives a maintenir une qualite dans tes photos jour apres jour asse impressionante ! :) (submitted on April 09, 2006)  

Great photo, but PLEASE don't call these buses! They're historic streetcars, trolleys, actually. They have metal wheels, run on rails, and get their traction power from a pole that contacts an overhead wire.

There are also 9 orange streetcars from Milan, Italy, that ply the F-line. I was at Muni when they acquired and restored them (another great photo op, Manuel!).

Muni does have a few historic busses (rubber-tired vehicles) but they don't use those much.
(submitted on April 10, 2006)

Thats the way to travel, nice photo (submitted on April 10, 2006)  

I like these street cars a lot but unfortunately they only go on Market St. over to the Embarcadero and then on to Fisherman's Wharf which wasn't really my daily route. :) (submitted on April 10, 2006)  

Roumi: merci, c'est sympa, j'ai pas encore tout a fait fini avec le tien et celui de Julien, mais j'y travaille...

Walter: half-way through posting this, I thought of you and was hoping you would jump in with some first-hand information! I'm not sure how I got used to call these "buses", but I think it has to do with the fact that electric buses look like trolleys to me... if that makes any sense... ;-)

Nicola: not on my route either - the few times I used them, it was just for the fun of being on them!
(submitted on April 10, 2006)

Nice composition. Great shot of trolley and Twin Peaks area in the background. (submitted on April 11, 2006)  

Ils sont très beau ces trolleys. J'aime bien leur côté vieilli et défraichi! (submitted on April 11, 2006)  

Beautiful colors! (submitted on April 11, 2006)  


The electric buses with rubber tires are actually trolleys; trolley buses in fact (they're used around the world - Lyon in France has a sizable fleet; Muni itself has well over 300 of them). "Trolley" refers to a vehicle that gets its motive power through a pole that contacts and eletric overhead wire.

That's pretty much the extent of my knowledge, but I know people at Muni who could talk hours on this subject... ;)
(submitted on April 11, 2006)

Thanks Walter! So, there's basically hardly any buses in San Francisco then! Everyone I know calls the electrical "buses" trolleys. I certainly didn't know what from the powering, railing and who knows what else, made them an actually trolley. Now I know!

I'd like to get more of those historic ones photographed (a new passion is born?). Stay tuned...
(submitted on April 12, 2006)

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